Canmar Services Ltd.
"Your Leader In Condominium Management"

The Canmar Difference

Canmar Services Limited is an established property management company focusing solely on condominium developments in Nova Scotia. Founded in the fall of 1985, our goal was to fill what we considered was a growing need for hands-on quality property management of condominium developments. Since that time the business has expanded at a rapid rate but always kept in mind the quality of the service that is provided. Before assuming any new management contracts, Canmar ensures that the condominium corporation is a good fit for their type of personal and proactive management. With a main focus on condominium management, Canmar provides the results necessary so each resident can benefit from the advantages of condo living.

Our expertise in condominium management is complemented through our experience of living in a condominium for 20 years, being on the Board for six years and property managers for the past 30 years. We feel that this expertise will have a very positive effect on the quality of service for your common fee dollars. Also, Canmar believes in managing a property to provide for quality in the spending of common fees resulting in an appreciation of value and contentment of corporate members.

With 19 managed condos and growing, Canmar's team of experienced professionals will ensure a smooth transition, well guided fee management, first class service, and responsiveness to all your condo needs.

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