Canmar Services Ltd.
"Your Leader In Condominium Management"

Company History

Canmar Services Ltd. is a duly registered corporation formed first as a partnership in October 1985 and incorporated in December 2001. Condominium Management has been the mainstay of the business since 1986. Currently management contracts are held with 19 condominium corporations (See Property Listings Section).

The company was founded in the fall of 1985 to fill what was considered an emerging need for hands-on quality property management of condominium developments. Since that time, Canmar expanded its business but always kept in mind the quality of the service that is provided. Before assuming any new management contracts, Canmar likes to ensure that your condominium corporation is a good fit for their type of personal and proactive management.

Canmar's expertise in condominium management is complemented through the owners past experience of living in a condominium for 20 years, being on the Board for six years, and property managers for the past 30 years. They feel that this expertise will have a positive effect on the quality of service for your common fee dollars. Also, Canmar believes in managing a property in a way that provides quality in the spending of common fees, resulting in an appreciation of value and contentment of corporate members.

The Canmar Vision

Canmar administers their properties with a very personal approach. When people call, they are normally speaking to one of the owners or someone in a senior management role. Canmar views the relationship between its company and the Board of Directors as the key to a happy condominium community. The most vital aspect of this relationship is trust. Canmar works very hard to build trust and manage its condominium developments as if they were their own buildings. As this trust builds, the workload required of board members is lessened and issues are dealt with in an efficient, proactive manner.

Canmar has a great deal of expertise in transition plans for the takeover of management services. All of its current condominiums were a change from previous management companies or self-management. The assets and paperwork that a current property manager would have on your condominium belong to the owners through the Board of Directors. Therefore, Canmar works with the Board of Directors or a designated director to compile the list of required documents, computer files, and assets to be turned over by the current management company.

The Canmar Staff 

Don Buck 
President & CEO-Don has 33 years experience with the Halifax Regional School Board, including a significant portfolio of new school construction and maintenance supervisory experience. He also has 23 years of property management experience. Founder of Canmar Services Limited, Don has dedicated the past 20 plus years to serving each represented condominium on a personal level.

Joan Buck

VP of Operations, COO-Joan has over 30 years of property management experience with condominiums of the Halifax County Condominium Corporation. While presiding over the day to day operations at Canmar, Joan brings a wealth of knowledge and modern day condominium management techniques to the Canmar family.

Roseanne Rice
Office Manager -
Roseanne is the first point of contact for most condominium owners. She comes to us with a strong background of customer service and financial background in the corporate world.


Tim Robichaud

Property Manager - Tim has owned his own business and has a background in rental properties as well as knowledge of construction. He assists in the management of all our properties and brings a wealth of customer service and expertise to our team.